Personal Umbrella Insurance

At one time, most Personal Umbrella policies were purchased by people with significant assets. But, with monetary damage awards from lawsuits continuing to increase, an umbrella makes sense for nearly everyone. By making additional funds available above the limits already present in your home, auto, and boat policies, an umbrella provides additional protection for your assets.

Value of an Independent Agent
As independent agents, we represent companies that are willing to work with your unique situation. If you have home and auto policies from different companies, or have had difficulty getting an umbrella in the past, we can help you.

Legal Fees
With an umbrella policy, your legal fees are usually covered, saving you thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses.

Worldwide Coverage
Unlike your home and auto policies that usually apply only in the United States, a typical umbrella policy follows you around the globe. You can injure someone in Japan or accidentally destroy property in Greece, you’ve got coverage.

Reasonable Rates
Umbrella coverage is surprisingly inexpensive. Contact us to find how little this valuable coverage would cost you.

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